Meet the Team

Worship Minister
Chris Triplett

Chris believes that music is a sacred and anointed gift from God, with power to strengthen our souls and heal our hearts, noting that Jesus’ final interaction with his disciples before going to Gethsemane was to sing a hymn with them (Matthew 26:30 and Mark 14:26). Our corporate worship is intended not only to bring glory to God but to usher us into His presence and give us a glimpse of heaven. We may not all be able to “sing a new song” or “play skillfully” (Psalm 33:3), but all of us can shout for joy!

Office Administrator
Gerri Kinsey

Gerri has a passion for working around the church and with the members. She loves doing women’s ministry and working with preschoolers.

Family Minister
Brandon Warren

Brandon loves to serve and teach students. He is passionate about kids learning and applying God’s word to their lives. Being from the area, Brandon would like to see the students and The Cove make a difference in our area.

Preaching/Teaching/Vision Minister
Tim Tedrick

Tim enjoys communicating the most powerful message in the world – the Gospel of Jesus Christ – with clarity, simplicity, and the challenge to apply it to everyday life. One of his motivational fuels in ministry is when people join Jesus for the journey of faith.

Associate Minister
Elliott Blount

Elliott loves seeing people grow in their relationship with God through small groups and discipleship. He loves seeing people partner together to push each other in their faith and become more passionate followers of Jesus.